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NEW AUTHORIZE YOUR SELF METHOD: The First In A Series of Success Letters By Andy Raingold:
Helps You To Unlock The Power Within and Write Your Own Future... Starting NOW!

Discover Why Motivation Movies Don't Work and What You Can Do To:

Become Highly Motivated on A Consistent Basis!

Even If You Feel Stuck Right Now!

ATTENTION: Are you sick and tired of watching motivation movies that only momentarily boost your motivation? They give you the feeling of motivation But Don't Actually Motivate You!

Those motivational videos only work momentarily. Mostly because of the background music's ability to move you into a specific emotional state! They are at best, simply manipulating your emotions.

They don't actually motivate anyone, they simply inspire us to act... and we feel a little motivation as a result of the music.

True Motivation is something completely different and takes more than watching a 5, 25, or even 45-minute video. Lack of motivation also leads to other states that we take on board such as becoming overwhelmed which also encourages more lack of motivation.

Success in Life Without Consistent Motivation
is Pretty Much Impossible!


Just Follow the Simple 3 Step Formula Either Once or
Whenever You Lack the Motivation to Succeed:

Motivation On Tap not only gives you 'the power to create motivation at will' but begins to direct you into a life... and greater success, of your own making. It is a veritable road map to your own personal wealth and success!

In "Motivation On Tap," you will discover:

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  • The True Power of Motivation: that puts you in "the zone" more frequently so you get more done more consistently.

  • The Three Things You Must Do to Become Highly Motivated on A Consistent Basis: and gives you a personal customized roadmap to success so you can succeed in whatever is most important to you.

  • How to Instantly Eliminate Overwhelm Permanently: and no longer doubt your ability to succeed as you more comfortably handle larger goals and projects.

  • Why Lasting Success Takes Time: and gives you the ability to virtually guarantee your own success by knowing exactly where you are going in any area of life.

I think you get the idea...

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  • The Importance of Purpose: which provides a compass that leads to your personal success and gives you more clarity about yourself and your life.

  • The Absolute Dominating Theory of Success: lets you succeed one day at a time on a consistent basis giving you confidence in your abilities and levels of improvement.

  • The 3 Universities of YOU: that creates a multi-layered roadmap to your dreams so you can move through life in a more relaxed, confident and controlled way.

  • The Three Theories You Must Master: that gives you definite direction in life and improves your chances of success as well as giving you the power of knowing a definite direction.

What Others Are Saying...

Mark R

Drumming Dreamer

I couldn't believe it at first, but The Maintenance Kit and RhythmForge Method is working great for me! Started with just an old pair of sticks, and have just bought my first cheap kit. Its in bits at present but its starting to look like a decent investment. And my drumming is getting better. Love it!

Will T

Aspiring Pro Drummer

Man, I gotta say, The RhythmForge Method was a quite an experience for me! I started with a new pair of sticks, and now I'm jammin' like a pro. On my own, but still. I'm making progress. I plan to revamp a second hand kit next.

Jake S

Drumming Enthusiast

The "Kickstart Toolkit" focus is on helping beginner drummers learn to play the drums even without a drum kit, this product offers a unique approach to getting started and learning the art of drumming fast. I really liked the step-by-step "get started now" approach!